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Valkyrie is an open-source graphical user interface for Valgrind. Valkyrie uses the Qt widget library, and is based on Valgrind`s XML output capabilities. Valkyrie is designed for simplicity and ease of use, whilst allowing access to the full range of Valgrind command-line options.

Currently, Valkyrie supports Memcheck and Helgrind, and work is in progress to handle Cachegrind and Massif.

Also included in Valkyrie is an auxiliary tool which can read XML outputs from multiple Valgrind (Memcheck) runs, merge them together into a single XML file, and optionally display the merged result in the GUI.

Obtaining Valkyrie

The complete source code for the current release, including documentation, is available for download as a tarball from the Valgrind website.

Valkyrie ScreenShots
Memcheck 1 image
Memcheck: output of /bin/ls -lF, showing an open error with a source file which has rw permissions.
Memcheck 2 image
The actual output of /bin/ls -lF captured from stdout.
Memcheck 3 image
Memcheck View having finished a run, with all errors open.
Valkyrie Options image
Valkyrie`s options page.
Valgrind Options 2 image
Valgrind`s Option page, Error Reporting tab.
Valgrind Options 1 image
Valgrind`s Option page, Suppressions tab.


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